Walks in Killarney

Torc Mountain

torc-mountainA relatively easy mountain, accessible in any weather due to the railway sleepers that meander to the top, but with absolutely beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Torc Mountain gets its name from an enchanted boar that was killed there by the legendary hero, Fionn Mac Cumhaill. About four hours, up and down.

Tomies Oak Wood / O’Sullivan’s Cascade.

Tomies oak wood is the largest oak forest left in Ireland, and the indigenous white tailed eagle can sometimes be spotted here. A lovely walk in it’s own right, and is made even better by visiting O’Sullivan’s cascade. The walk is quite easy, and well off the beaten path.

Mangerton Mountain.

MangertonOne of my favourite walks, Mangerton is 839 meters high, and gives one an amazing 360 degree vista of the entire Killarney valley. It is quite challenging, but can be managed by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness in about four to five hours. A must do.

The Old Road to Kenmare.

Kenmare roadAn old butter track that runs through the mountains connecting the towns of Kenmare and Killarney. My favourite way to do it is to take the early morning bus to Kenmare, have a little breakfast and then off I go. The first hour, hour and a half are pretty tough, but it’s pretty much all down hill from then.

A good seven or eight hours needed for this, but on a fine day I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Around 28 kms.

Purple/Tomies Mountains.

Purple mountainsA very difficult but rewarding climb, and one for the more experienced climber.

The views here of The Gap of Dunloe, Macgillicuddy’s reeks and on a fine day, the Atlantic ocean have to be seen to be believed. A map and compass will probably be necessary. A good six hours.

The Kerry Way.

The Kerry Way is a 200 km walking trail around the Iveragh peninsula, or Ring of Kerry.

Generally broken down into 9 stages of 20-25 kms, starting and finishing here in Killarney. Most of the stages can also be done individually, if you don’t have two weeks free! Well marked trails, stunning views, and all the peace and quiet you can handle

More information and maps available at reception.